Book 2: Worlds Apart

You never forget your first love. And sometimes that hurts your chances at a second love. Anjaline has moved to Ontario and soon realizes her dream of becoming a journalist for one of Toronto’s leading newspapers. Gabriel has stayed behind in Hope Valley and has embraced his dream of becoming a skilled carpenter. Together they were two kids in love. Apart they have a chance to grow into the people they were meant to be. If part of that growth means taking a chance on new love, will they embrace it? Or will they cling to what they once had and miss out on what the future has to offer? And if they do take a second chance on love, does that mean they will never see each other again? Or is there something even better in store for them both?

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McGuire is doing a fine job building her characters and “growing them up” as the story progresses. ~ Mary C. Findley

This is a great young adult series when so many young adult books can take strange turns unexpectedly. I would highly recommend it to my high school students. ~ Emily Eitniear

This trilogy is not just about Anjaline and Gabriel. There are a wealth of complicated relationships in these books and each and every one of them deserves a happy ending. But because of the complex romantic tangle that Amy McGuire has so cleverly devised you know this will not be the case for everyone… ~ Anita Dawes

This is a book about maturing and finding love after one door closes or you think it has closed. ~ Hello-booklover


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