Book 1: The Heart’s Discovery

The Heart's Discovery Cover by Allan PalorAnjaline Rodriguez thinks that mountain boy Gabriel Walker is a snob, even though she can’t stop thinking about his fathomless eyes.  Could he just be shy?  Damian Vega could be trouble, but bad boys are hard to resist, especially when the good one seems like a judgmental know-it-all.

She thought her world had ended when her stepfather’s job ripped her away from her friends and her dream of attending the prestigious Cotopaxi Academy back home in Quito, Ecuador.  Anjaline goes from a tropical, densely populated Latin American city to a cold, drizzly Canadian village populated by three small families, complete with major culture shock.  On top of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, she had no clue how to deal with two attractive boys.

Gabriel thinks the exotic Latina is too spoiled.  He’s never figured out how to talk to pretty girls anyway, and can’t get rid of his stutter when he’s nervous.  It’s practically love at first sight.  Gabriel knows he needs to tell her how he feels, but while he’s gathering his courage, Damian may spoil everything.
Will Anjaline return Gabriel’s feelings in time or will tragedy tear them apart before she has the chance?

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As far as romance stories go, The Heart’s Discovery has more depth than the classic Romeo and Juliet.~ Anita Dawes

The book has everything: love, torment, happiness, tragedy and hope. ~ Alana Woods, Author of Automaton

I fell in love with the characters & the story line. It kept you turning the pages to learn more. ~ Teresa

I could not wait to share with my 14 yr. old. This is a series that I will feel safe letting her read. ~ Jennifer Dalpe

This is a delightful yet intense story about changes in life and new romance. A definite must read! ~ Amazon Customer

Can’t wait to find out what happens next. Amy painted a wonderful story with words in this romantic novel. ~ M Rotter



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