Seeing the sites, visiting my Mom’s old house, and Saltery Bay

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 (12:44pm)

Dear readers, this morning we ran a couple errands, then we watched from my aunt and uncle’s porch while the neighbours across the street unloaded a hot tub. My Auntie Jeanie, daughter and I picked pears from a neighbour’s tree (the neighbour which had sold their house and told my aunt to pick as much fruit as she wanted so they wouldn’t go to waste) too. This afternoon all twenty of us piled into cars and did a driving tour of Powell River and surrounding area. We saw the house my mom and her sisters grew up in as well as the house where my aunt and uncle first lived.

We drove to the cemetery to visit the gravesides of my Grandpa and Grandma on my mom’s side, and while were were there the kids spotted a tan baby bunny and caught (and released) a brown bullfrog.

All six kids got in on the frog catching and it was fun to watch them having so much fun. One of the cars became ‘the kid car’ where my daughter, my sister’s kids and my cousin’s kids went with one adult, since none of them were driving age. So it was that my daughter got to ride everywhere with her five cousins and she had a really great time. Even though she was the youngest, the older cousins never made her feel excluded. In fact, they made sure she was part of everything they did. It was really heartwarming to see.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Saltery Bay beach.


The water was freezing at first, but once you let your skin go numb, it wasn’t that bad. We all had pool noodles that my cousins had bought a few days previous, so we floated in the waves until almost everyone agreed it was time to get out of the water and warm up. I discovered my nephew’s snorkeling mask as I was returning to shore and decided to do some exploring of the ocean floor before heading back. I’m so glad I did, because I ended up seeing a whole school of small, spiny backed pale grey fish, a dark purple starfish, a rust coloured starfish, a bunch of seashells and a crab. At one point, as I was surfacing, I came face to mask with a small moon jelly. That freaked me out enough that I decided to go snorkel on the other side of the pier to avoid it.

I floated face down on the pool noodle and just drifted to shore, watching the ocean floor eagerly. As I did this, I suddenly felt something big float under the skirt of my swimsuit. I reached back to see what it was and my fingers came in contact with a thick, rubbery object. Well, since the only thick, rubbery things that could be floating around me were jellyfish, I whipped my mask off and stood up. Without thinking, I screamed, “What the heck was that?!” loudly enough that my nephew and his cousin who were several yards away asked if I was okay. I kept looking at the waves around me, scanning for the darn thing until I finally spotted what had been taking a ride under my swim skirt; a dinner plate sized jellyfish with a red center. It was also at least an inch or two thick. It freaked me out and I was very fortunate not to have been stung.

At that point I decided I was done swimming and went to join my family who were eating snacks and drinking pop and water near one of the picnic benches. While I was on shore my husband spotted a sea otter out in the waves, so we all got some pictures.

After that we got some family pictures, since this was a family reunion of sorts, then we headed to my Auntie Karen and Uncle Art’s house to change and have dinner.

We were spoiled once again, with a delicious dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes followed by a delicious Skor/chocolate/meringue dessert that my sister made. She made a strawberry version too and both were to die for.

After a wonderful visit over great food, it was time to take my daughter back to my other Auntie Jeanie and Uncle Bob’s house for a bath. On the way back we saw two baby black bears eating apples from the ground under the neighbours’ tree.

This has been quite an adventure filled day. As a result of all the sunshine, laughter and fun, I am now ready to head to bed and hopefully get a great night’s sleep.

Until later,

Amy McGuire


About Author Amy McGuire

Author of The Heart's Discovery, a YA Romance novel set mostly in British Columbia with a brief foray into Quito, Ecuador. Also the mother of a bubbly second grade redhead who adores turquoise, and wife to a very patient man. She lives in Toronto, the inspiration for so many of her place names and characters.
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