Today was a day of first’s for my daughter.  One of the first days she has jumped out of bed, excited for school, the first day she went to a sugar maple forest and learned about the making of maple syrup and maple candy, and her first ever field trip.

  It was such a joy listening to her chatter excitedly at the breakfast table about the day she was going to have.  She informed me that if you cooked up the sap from a sugar maple tree, you would get syrup and ‘if you got it really hot you can make candy!’  She was practically bouncing with excitement over the upcoming first ever bus ride and even got dressed and out the door without a single complaint.  I can hardly wait to see her tonight after her visit to Grandma’s and hear how her day went.

 I never knew how much something I’ve known all my life (for example, how to make maple syrup) could be so enjoyable through another’s eyes, namely, my daughter’s.  Life through her eyes is always fresh.  In my over 33 years on this planet, I know I’ve become jaded over many things, without meaning to of course.  To my daughter, everything is new.  She hasn’t been on this planet long enough for anything to be ‘old hat’ and she enjoys everything to the fullest.  I know I could learn a lot about the enjoyment of life through her.  I’m so grateful God put her in my life and reminds me, through her, not to take life for granted.  I have been given the gift of seeing life through the eyes of a child, and I would never trade that perspective for anything.


About Author Amy McGuire

Author of The Heart's Discovery, a YA Romance novel set mostly in British Columbia with a brief foray into Quito, Ecuador. Also the mother of a bubbly second grade redhead who adores turquoise, and wife to a very patient man. She lives in Toronto, the inspiration for so many of her place names and characters.
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