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It is only two more sleeps to Christmas Day and I would be remiss as an author not to write a little blog in honour of one of the most romantic times of year. With mistletoe on door frames, cozy lights on trees and decorating homes, softly falling snow, carols ringing in the crisp air and the anticipation of time with family and friends, this is surely one of the most romantic seasons of the year. Where I am there has been little to no snow (except on my countdown to my first ebook launch of course :)) but the air is still just as crisp, the lights on my tree just as pretty and my daughter just as excited about the Christmas season.

The tree and decorations went up on November 29th. My daughter and I just couldn’t wait until December this year to pretty up the place. The tree was only meant to be decorated a little bit, but as we got into the swing of things, the tree was fully decorated and there was no turning back.

Christmas is definitely my favourite season of the year. People seem to smile more, the air feels cozier somehow and the anticipation of time spent with family I only see a handful of times a year adds to the whole festive feeling. Tonight I wrapped the last gift except for the ones going in my daughter’s very first stocking. My husband and I will put that together on Christmas Eve after the little one falls into bed, exhausted but happy after our visit with his side of the family.

It’s nice that Christmas Eve lands on a Saturday this year, because it has allowed us to spread the visits out a bit more and not do everything all in one packed, crazy (albeit fun) day. So, I would like to give a small gift to my readers; family, friends and fans of my writing. I have decided to post this tonight so you can unwrap at least one gift a little early.

Below I have included an excerpt from First Taste of Love for you to read and enjoy and whet your appetite for the official launch in February. It is not a Christmas scene, but since New Year’s Eve is right around the corner I think it still fits. Merry Christmas everyone and I look forward to enjoying the New Year with you all.

Sincerely, Amy McGuire

Turning back to her he seemed to struggle for a moment to pull his thoughts together before speaking. “I found our plaque but I also wanted to give you your Christmas present. I…I realize now that it was best you didn’t get it before you knew my feelings. I- I’m not trying to pressure you, so if you’re not ready for it, just let me know and I’ll…”

Excited by the idea of a surprise gift and eager to share her love at last, Anjaline pressed her finger to his lips. It was her turn to swallow when his eyes darkened. Quickly she dropped her hand, blushing. “Gabriel, I’m not really good at dealing with suspense. Can I see it now?” she said teasingly as her lips curved upwards.

Sighing in mock impatience she held out her other hand. She laughed softly when he grinned and gently took her hands, placing them in her lap, palms up. “Okay, Miss Impatient…” He chuckled and to her relief the tension fled from his eyes. “Close your eyes and hold out your left hand.”

Anjaline looked at him quizzically for just a moment before doing as he asked. The wind from the water blew cold against her face and she shivered in excitement. She loved surprises. Her surprise was small, smooth and cool as it dropped weightlessly into her palm. Instinctively she curled her fingers around it before opening her eyes. Slowly she opened her hand, watching how the moon caught the smooth surface and made it sparkle in the air. She swallowed hard, silently agreeing that now was a better time to receive it. She held the small wooden ring up and examined the delicate design as she turned the ring over. As it sparkled in the moonlight, she gasped in delight.

The words were on the tip of her tongue when he reached out for the ring after a moment, his eyes searching hers. “Do you like it?”

She nodded, hastily blinking away the tears. She wanted to see him clearly. “Oh Gabriel, I love it. But most of all…” She swallowed hard, unable to stop the trembling. “Most of all, I love you Gabriel.” His eyes widened as though he was stunned and then he began to laugh. It was a joyful sound that he quickly hushed, casting his gaze briefly back to the village.

Before she could ask what was so funny he pulled her into his arms and kissed her with a tenderness that made her knees weak. When he released her at last she simply swayed against him, her heart full to bursting with love for him.

“Oh, Angel. My Angel. You have made me the happiest guy on earth today. I’ve been waiting to hear those words from you.” His kiss was sweet before he pulled her head down to his chest and sighed deeply. She snuggled in, thrilling to his speeding heart beat through the soft fleece of the jacket he wore and smiled.

When he set her back to gaze lovingly down at her she saw a brief flash of pain and wondered once again. Slowly she released the ring and looked down at it in awe. “You carved this whole thing? And those are Forget-Me-Nots, right? Oh, Gabe, you how much I love them.” She laughed in surprise and delight when the ring fit perfectly. “It’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

She looked up into Gabriel’s earnest eyes, knowing that what she saw there had only one name: love. And it was the sweetest, purest love she had ever known. He had told her his feelings before, but now she could see them for herself. She smiled when he blushed and kissed the hand that now wore his ring.

In a soft voice he said, “It was originally going to be a friendship ring but as I fell in love with you it became something else. Now I want it to be a constant reminder of how much we love each other.” Turning the ring over so she could see the inside he showed where he had carved their initials, side by side.

Anjaline was completely undone. With a happy sigh she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers, her fingers tangling in his wind-tossed hair. “Thank you Gabriel. This is the most beautiful ring and you are the most wonderful…” She was swamped with emotion and couldn’t continue.

Gently she pulled his mouth down to hers but a moment before their lips touched her digital watch emitted a tiny beep. Pulling back with a smile she glanced down and saw the glow-in-the-dark numbers flash as they ticked down the seconds to midnight. “Eight….” Her lips quivered slightly, turning up at the corners.

Gabriel smiled and joined in the game, pulling her closer and thrusting his hands into her long dark hair. Staring deeply into her eyes he whispered, “Seven…”

“Six…” she murmured, enjoying the moment as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

“Five…” His breath was inches from her lips and she fought to keep from kissing him right then.

“Four…” She cheated a little, kissing his chin and grinning when he laughed softly, his breath fluffing her bangs. “Cheater…” he whispered.

“Three…” She shivered as his fingers played with her hair before he kissed her with utmost tenderness on the cheek. “Now who’s the cheater?” she teased, chuckling softly. “Two…” she whispered,anticipation of his kiss making her feel warmer than should be possible for such a cold night. She pulled his face back to hers and pressed a hand to his cheek.

“One…” he whispered, closing the distance between them and capturing her willing lips with his own.

She pressed her hand to his chest and felt his heart speed up beneath her palm as he kissed her sweetly. Sighing blissfully she returned his kiss. She loved him and he loved her. The world had just become a perfect place where nothing could go wrong. Her heart squeezed when he broke the kiss at last and she saw lingering sadness in his depthless brown eyes. Before she could ask, he kissed her nose and grinned, turning her knees to jelly.

“Happy New Year, Angel.” She saw the flicker of pain that he quickly masked and decided she would talk to him about it the very next day. Tonight was too perfect for sad thoughts. “Happy New Year, Gabe,” she whispered, leaning her head on his chest. “Thank you. Tonight was perfect. Earlier this evening I thought that maybe you were mad at me.” She smiled up at him teasingly. “Now I see you were just distracted with your plans for tonight.”

She swayed dizzily when he stood and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She sighed in contentment when he took her hand to walk her home before the adults returned.

She shivered when Gabriel bent down close to her ear as they walked and his breath tickled her neck. “I love you, Angel. I always will.”


About Author Amy McGuire

Author of The Heart's Discovery, a YA Romance novel set mostly in British Columbia with a brief foray into Quito, Ecuador. Also the mother of a bubbly second grade redhead who adores turquoise, and wife to a very patient man. She lives in Toronto, the inspiration for so many of her place names and characters.
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